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Mind Abstractions

A Latin American Art Exhibition
Bank One Pilsen Branch
Damen and Cemark
September 20, to October 19, 2002

It is with great pleasure that Bank One and the Latin American Museum of Art offer this unique exhibition of contemporary Latino artists.

This exhibition highlights outstanding Latino artists working in Chicago whose artwork is extremely varied in expression and technique. This show is about meaning, symbols, spirituality, beauty, and the diversity of a visual language that stimulates dialogue and elicit our minds to search for a new vocabulary to interpret the works done by Latino artists.

Their imagery is as complex and diverse as the city they call home. The goal of this exhibition is to present artwork done by Latino artists working in Chicago and go beyond narrow definitions with the intent of provoking a new way of looking at Latin American art. The artists represented have experienced cultural diversity in a new environment that allows them to express and explore themselves through imaginative transformation and metaphors. Their artwork cannot be put into one classification by its content, color or subject matter. The range of esthetic concerns, ideas and techniques vary widely. They have influences from their cultural heritage and experiences in the United States. They are involved with identity issues, the concept of home and belonging, and social political matters. All of these artists have their own personal narrative fully charged with symbols, which are necessary to understand in order to interpret their artwork. Thus, this exhibition is rich with different manifestations of individual individuality and diversified cultural expressions. They confront and challenge ethnic identity and stereotypes by their convictions to their personal expression. As Latino artists they represent cultures that are rich with myth, spirituality and rituals. Their artwork shares a wealth of feelings and imagination.

Oscar Martinez
President / Curator
Latin American Museum of Art

Swimmer #8
by Paul Sierra
32 x 36," oil on canvas


Fantasy Garden
by Maria Enriquez de Allen
12 x 16," acrylic on canvas


Yesterday and Tomorrow are Here Today
by Michele Tuohey
77 x 79," oil on canvas


Rising Form
by Eladio Gonzalez
58.5, x 19 x 10," bronze


Body Construction #10: Grounds for Thought
by Jorge Felix
3 x 3 x 24" mixed media


by Alberto Gonzalaz Gonzalez
18," 24", x 7," mixed media